Evie Johnstone

Nothing makes me happier than being in the sea.

We don’t know anyone more stoked about surfing than Evie! She was taught to surf by her dad at an early age but it wasn’t until she moved to Costa Rica where her passion for surfing really exploded. She competed for many years, winning the British Women's Title and touring all over Latin America on the ALAS Pro. She stopped competing at age 25 and moved back to the UK to pursue her passion in photography and interior styling. She now calls Newquay home, where she is running her own business and can still sneak out of a surf everyday. Luckily, traveling is still a huge part of her life. Photography gives her the opportunity to continue to travel to amazing locations with a surfboard always under her arm.

This girl’s energy is truly contagious. We first met while she was living in Costa Rica. She has such an amazing energy and presence in the water, making everyone’s head turn. Even when the waves aren’t great, Evie can convince you to go out there and have a good time anyway.

Follow Evie along her journey and see some of her amazing work @eviejohnstone.stylist