Onda Origins Coffee

Our premier coffee roaster sources the worlds best coffee and gives back to the farmers who grow it.

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Introducing Sans Meal Bars

SANS is focused on providing genuinely-nutritious and great tasting meal replacement products.

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Heather's Choice

Whether at home, on the road, or in the backcountry, you deserve to eat well.

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Kate's Real Food

We believe that good tasting food is an essential part for good fun existence. Every single bite is an experience of distinct textures and flavors, not one homogenous mix like the many other bars on the market.

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Outside Magazine

United By Wild is a collective of goods inspired by the wildest places on earth. Discover ethical gear and learn how our explorers make use of it on their adventures.

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Meet Heather of Heather's CHOICE

Heather's mission is to provide healthy, delicious meals and snacks for adventurers worldwide. Everyday we strive to inspire adventure, health, sustainability and self-sufficiency.


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